Fashion | Megan

This weekend I got together with a model named Megan. She took the reigns on putting together some outfits prior to the shoot; good thing, since I’m the type of person who wears the same pair of jeans 5-days-a-week. I wanted something youthful, rockstar-esque and Megan delivered. Here are a few of the photos:

The negative was dirty, and while I’d usually clean it, I thought it added to the feel of this one.

I’ve been scanning my negatives as color instead of grayscale, and it gives them a greenish tint that I’ve been starting to like a little, so I haven’t been getting rid of it in all the images.

Alright, so that’s what I felt like editing on the first run through. Hope you enjoyed getting two photos posts in a row, but it will probably be the last one for a while, although I may blog about previous photography. And, bad news or good news depending what you like, that means I’ll probably resort to more writing again to make posts.

Thanks to Megan for being the fashion guru and a fun model to work with.

6 thoughts on “Fashion | Megan

  1. I’m glad you’re sticking with film. Your photos make me feel something, as well as just being beautiful photographs.

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