Away from me

It was a cool sunny day when I was out.

Early spring, so no profound smell, just the green

Pushing its way through the dead of winter, slow.

As I trod the path, everything moved

Away from me.

Many frogs were like a foreshadowing to

Each footstep, with their ‘mreep’ sound as they disappeared

Into the lake, left side of the trail, or

Puddles in the flats on the right. Ducks were

Startled from the brush or from open water

As I approached. There were a couple egrets

Glowing white out at a distance and even

They watched me suspiciously. Hawks hunting from

The treeline paid no mind other than to stop

Hunting and glare. A bald eagle flying low

Flew directly overhead and back the way

I’d came from.

It was wonderful to look at, but I wished everything would stay as it was

Without me.

As I was leaving, driving down the straightaway on the country backroad, my head was still on a swivel, and in a thin clearing in some trees, there was a burst of sun shining down on a great blue heron. I pulled the car over as soon as possible, but when I had walked back, I couldn’t find it. I turned my back to leave and the heron threw itself skyward from behind a patch of bushes where it had been hiding from me and it was gone for good. Where I had parked my car was next to a field and I noticed a flock of geese out at a distance. They seemed restless.

I waited with my camera, though the weather had shifted, the wind had picked up and there was sparse rainfall. It took less than a minute for them to lift off as a group, squawking, and when they were out of sight and sound I got into my car and drove home, mind already drifting from the grandeur of what I’d just witnessed.

3 thoughts on “Away from me

  1. Absolutely brilliant poetry, man. The moment. That fleeting moment in photography. That essence in the absence of the observer. You capture that moment very well. I enjoyed this.

  2. I like the way in which your words and the image compliment each other. Beautiful image. The photo gives the mood, with the words you paint details, flower petals and birds in the trees.

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