Losing control

Several months ago I posted some negative scans from a shoot with a model named Megan. They were all black and white (developed myself), but she was nice enough to let me take a roll of Kodak Portra 400 (color film – couldn’t develop by myself) under the pretense that it could be a while before they got developed. Last week, I finally took those negatives and many others to a local store that still develops 120 film. It costs over $10 to get 1 roll (approximately 13 frames) scanned professionally, so instead of digging further into my wallet I opted to take the negatives home and see what my old scanner would do with them.

After a while, the images began to emerge in a very distinct and strange way. It almost looked like the result of some chemical alternative process. Lots of highlights, inaccurate colors and the sort of graininess you get when you print into the fibers of paper.

Despite my initial misgivings, the results of the four photos I edited are really unique, especially when contrasted against the rest of my portfolio. This technique is something I will return to, with different subject matter and better control. Then again, it was the lack of control and the willingness to experiment that lead me here; something to keep in mind. The part of me that still clings to my learned modernist aesthetic wants to disregard these photos and move on, but the artist within wants to keep the  happy accidents coming.

24 thoughts on “Losing control

  1. the second and 4th picture is almost ethereal…as if it were the burnt remnants of some chemical imprint… a ghostly feel… as if she knows something I don’t about myself…

    I like… Cheers mate!

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