Freewrite IV

Tuck me up the sleeve of Oregon autumn. At the wrist, through the post-setting sunset; a color like the reflection of light radiating vessel-red off skin and meeting the dusky shadow half way. Never brightest bright or darkest dark. Constant, comforting grey. The season holds its breath, drives the tunnel, echoes steady – turning pale purple blue around 5 am. Early morning sky unbuttons slow to the cuff of my sleeping ear: a noise on the window glass, where my dreams are pressed.

18 thoughts on “Freewrite IV

  1. it’s a very typical freewrite of James. but hey pal, just wanna let you know i’m waiting for sth else. anything could be not that James? or “extend” James? – this wierd thoughts jumps in my mind when i read this post.

    1. The things I have been doing for the last handful of posts are contrary to what I would have done in the past, considering writing style and imagery. What I’ve been doing is an intentional switch, because I spent quite a bit of my time in college making things that looked like they came from a cookie cutter. There will be more traditional posts in the future, but for now it’s about change. Thanks for the input though, Fiona.

    1. Thank you. And you bring up an interesting point. Inadequacy regarding one’s voice (written or spoken) is so natural. I read a quote somewhere that was something like, ‘The reason we have feelings of inadequacy, is because we’re comparing our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.’ Our self-perceptions leak into the way we view everything, without us even noticing.

      1. You’re very welcome, James.

        I wrote that comment after having looked at every picture on your blog and read probably 90% of what you had written…and was astounded. In regard to the quote that you had read somewhere, I understand about perceptions and comparisons, especially of the behind the scenes and the highlight reel…and I know I have written some nice stories over the years, some that have been very compelling. But I was, and still am, quite moved by your work…self-perceptions aside.

      2. Really, I’m flattered by this. There’s doubt in everything I write, before and after I post it, so it feels good to know that there are people who connect with it, because that’s why I go out on a limb. Again, my sincere thanks.

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