A touching moment (that I forgot to post in summer)

There I was, stopped at a red light on my way home from work. It was about 90 degrees (95+ in my car sans air-conditioning), so I was already shifty – glancing about, leaning forward to alleviate or lessen the back sweat (grey shirt was a bad choice).

I was observing the things around me – while keeping my periphery alert for the red/green change, of course. My attention fell on the silver family sedan next to me: a father and his teenage son enjoying some silence together. They looked alike despite the difference in years and length and prevalence of dark brown hair. Father was fiddling with the radio, son was toying with some handheld gadget or another. Just then, I noticed an attractive young woman crossing the street (right to left if you are picturing this). I glanced at her (admittedly with a quick up-and-down) but quickly returned to the father and son, whose radars had just pinged at the same time.

In a sweet and touching moment, their eyes and heads both came to attention, to pan together in unison for the duration of the woman’s crossing. Like father like son.

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