Faces of my subconscious (2)

A new portrait built from non-representational markings I laid down on paper. Something I noticed specifically with this one was that these portraits can come at me from any angle, and sometimes multiple angles in a single one, which is a challenge at the same that it’s compelling.

You can see the first two, and read more of my thoughts, by clicking this sentence.

9 thoughts on “Faces of my subconscious (2)

  1. Is this one also from that wonderfully fertile ceiling of your’s? Man, I’ve always wanted to draw (especially in this style), but unfortunately I’m absolutely shocking, and it’s actually disturbing to see just how shocking…

    Very cool stuff. And happy new year, James! May you have another creatively productive one.

    1. Haha no it isn’t, but neither were the other two. I just used that as an example of where I got the idea to try to draw from non-representational lines and shapes. Sounds like you should post some drawings, against your better judgement. Thanks JP – same to you!

    2. i know it’s gonna be rude and strange to comment on others’ conversation, but i noticed two of you’s conversations for quite some now, and i couldn’t help saying that your souls seem to be connected like a couple, loool. just see this as kinda fun. wish both of you a happy new year 😀

  2. Very strange and a bit disconcerting, but I like it. Experiments are always fun. In high school we had a project where we did blind contour drawings of a really intricate still life (In crayola markers of all things) and then painted all the strange shapes that came out. It was always very interesting to see the objects abstracted that way…

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