Where we lay

Where we lay

Scan of silver-gelatin print from a few years back. Shot on 35mm (Kodak 320?). For the past week or so, I’ve found myself feeling pretty nostalgic for the darkroom, especially after I watched a documentary on Paul Strand in my spare time. The large and technically impressive body of work he produced in a bathroom (at least for the majority of his career) has me thinking destructive thoughts about my own again.

31 thoughts on “Where we lay

    1. In certain situations, yes. Despite all the arguments I’ve heard and read, I believe you have more control over what you create with film than you do with digital (though by no means am I at that point), and when you want to remove that control, the result is more satisfying – I’m a fan of happy accidents. Plus, I love the process. It’s meditative and passionate. When I spend too much time behind a digital camera, I get restless. I hope by ‘advs’ you meant ‘advantages’ or this will seem out of place!

  1. A lovely image. I can easily understand your nostalgia for the darkroom. I must say, though, that for me, the whole digital process from DSLR to Lightroom, etc, has come as a liberation. All the best from Santiago de Chile…

  2. Resembles my first dark room experience too. I admire how you still stick using film considering the convenience of digital photography today. It is really amazing to do so though more expensive, requires more effort, and time-consuming. Well your creative nature seems very accommodating and immersive (in a personal sense).

    1. There’s nothing like it, right? At this point in my life, I enjoy the process more. Also, I research digital equipment constantly, and there isn’t any camera in my price range currently that has all that features I’d like. They’re getting there, though. Thank you for the comment. Take care.

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