10 thoughts on “For the Dulling Season (Out-takes)

  1. Fantastic black and white shots; do you always shoot in B&W? It’s a stunning medium when used well and you do it justice. Thanks for following my photo a day post. Will keep coming back to your posts.

    1. Not always, but other than photojournalistic work, primarily. Been easing my way into color for creative work, but it requires a new way of thinking. Your adventures are really appealing to me – I’d like to make that tour for myself some day – so I’m living vicariously through others. Thank you.

  2. hi James, recently i’m planning to buy a new point and shoot. difficult to choose within the following 4 combinations. any input from you? i usually take shots outside, in daylight, on landscape or portrait.

    F2.8-5.9, 28-140mm/F2.2-5.9, 24-120mm/F3.0-5.9, 28-224mm/F3.3-5.9, 25-350mm

    probably choose within Canon, Panasonic (maybe Nikon)

    1. Judging from those stats, I’d say the 28-140mm with the f/2.2-5.9. There are lots of factors that go into buying a camera though, so it’s hard to say without seeing them. If you click on my photo to the left, you can find my e-mail on my gravatar description. You’re welcome to e-mail me the links to what you’re thinking about buying and I’ll try to steer you in the right direction. Just put ‘from Fiona’ in the subject line, so I know it’s not spam if it gets sent there.

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