Above the ceiling, below the roof.

Outside the wall, inside the siding.

For now it’s just a sound; a nuisance at night.

The mouse may as well be digging at my pillow.


I bang with a broom to warn the noisy neighbor. Stop!

(Repeat.) He runs the maze of my sounds, he knows

The walls are thicker than my resolve,

But for me, they grow thinner

And thinner.


Busy claws,

An eager nose,

On the flats,

At the corners.


He breaks through in the pantry:

Spilled sugar, chewed boxes, no prints.

Long-expired goods veiled the entrance,

Where the foundation settled and shifted,

A slight weakness (with a little patience).


Despondency gets at a man,

Same as a mouse gets at a home.

13 thoughts on “Mouse

  1. you got a mouse at home too? at the beginning of this month, i got one at home and succeeded in kicking it out, but recently might found another suspicious track.. :”( damn it!!

    1. Some of the story is a metaphor, but I lived in a house when I was younger where mice would be running around the floors at night all the time, and were always in the pantry. I also thought I heard something in my ceiling about a month ago, but it’s gone. If you need to trap them, they love peanut butter and chocolate.

  2. Excellent metaphor, James – and yes, it gnaws from the inside out, feeding on anything that looks remotely encouraging. I hope this is not a personal experience – if it is, sending you lots of positive thoughts to banish the mouse. ~ Julie

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