The wind and the tears.

Journal Entry: February 20, 2012

I am at the swoop before the leap. That point where the momentum – the prospect of air beneath the wings – takes one to their tiptoes, rising. Clumsy from being tethered and ruffled, there is still an air of the fervor my mind once fell to, and I am squinting my eyes now at the climb; the wind and the tears.

The Wind and the Tears (unedited from negative scan of Fuji 400H 120)

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29 thoughts on “The wind and the tears.

    1. It was incredible, thank you. The writing meant a lot to me as I wrote it in the morning that I left, and maybe means more now that the trip is done. Feels good to be able to begin to share.

    1. Have you ever stuck your head out the car window? The wind makes your eyes water because it dries them out. I think flying would do the same thing. It’s also an expression of how happy I was at the idea of the journey.

  1. Beautiful words, James. And knowing that you wrote them on the morning you left make them even more touching – as I can imagine it must have been a somewhat emotional time for you.

    Welcome back, and off to a flyer with this sweeping (yeah, it’s intended) shot of yours!

  2. …still an air of the fervor your mind once “fell” to…this is an interesting choice of word since it seems as though the place your mind once was was actually high…you are rising up…it makes me wonder this: what does it mean to have our minds “fall”, in fervor, to a great, mountainous height? Perhaps there are even greater heights than you imagine here. Your words point to a higher, much higher place from which your mind fell to a place which is still a height to climb…you are reaching…is this an Icarus image?

    1. Hi Anna – your thoughts are so interesting. I’d like to take credit, but I just used ‘fell to’ since it’s a phrase that can describe beginning or resuming a task, and usually a physical task (at least that’s the way it is in my head). Still, what you said is definitely between the lines – I was expecting to surpass where I had been previously. And no Icarus metaphor (or I hope not: bad ending).

      1. Hmmn…I don’t know what you’ll think of this, but I thought I’d mention that perhaps you’d enjoy checking out meditation, Buddhist meditation. It just seems like something you might really take to, depending on the kind of meditation you find…and, yes, no Icarus endings. Meditation, for me, addresses my quest for the “beyond”, and whatever that means…the Heart Sutra being very meaningful and engaging on this journey to “higher” places.

      2. Funny you should mention that. I studied some Buddhist philosophy in college, which led to being invited to a weekend-long meditation retreat, and a meditation practice that was a 6 day/week thing for about 4 months. Haven’t been doing it much in the last couple of years. Mindful breathing is still a daily practice, though, and it helps a lot as I’m sure you know.

  3. I’ll think of your words here tomorrow when I walk and watch the morning hawks in our Longleaf woods. So glad to have discovered “between frames.”

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