San Diego – Horizons (Color)

The sky looks bigger in California than in Oregon, and I started to notice it for the first time in San Diego. Looking back at the film, I devoted quite a few frames to the sky – not my normal routine, but something I started to fool around with during this trip.

(I skipped San Francisco – that will come after I develop the b/w film).

Scripps Ranch (exposed for the sky)
Scripps Ranch (exposed for the land)

Torrey Pines

Overlooking part of the La Jolla area of San Diego

All images captured on Fuji 400H 120 color film.

Please note: most images posted from this roadtrip will be available for purchase. You can check out the new contact/purchasing tab (or click the blue lettering) for information.

8 thoughts on “San Diego – Horizons (Color)

  1. These are very beautiful. My eye is always focused on the sky so I love these. I went to Chicago this past year and couldn’t avoid noticing that in the city the sky is so small. I soon got homesick for the big sky and felt a bit claustrophobic. 🙂

    1. See, my reaction to having all that sky was that I felt exposed. It was a pretty bizarre feeling. Though, since you probably grew up with the big sky, it’s a comfort to you. Weird how our minds react to something like the ratio between land and sky.

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