Pacific Beach, San Diego (Color)

Winter, and never a season for rain, but it rains. Sun the next day. T-shirt weather for tourists, sweaters for locals. Boardwalk reflections, but vanity waits for spring and summer – few are out. Those who are, are there and gone.

All images captured on Fuji 400H 120 color film.

Please note: most images posted from this roadtrip will be available for purchase. You can check out the new contact/purchasing tab (or click the blue lettering) for information.

8 thoughts on “Pacific Beach, San Diego (Color)

  1. Great selection, James. I can’t seem to put my finger on it but there’s something about the blimp one that really get’s to me, might be some memory I can’t quite grasp…Anyway, like I said, great selection!

    1. Thanks JP. I have to admit, the way I photographed two buildings – straight on like that, was in a way inspired by looking at your work over the last handful of months.

    1. It seems like beach-front homes have a tendency to have these great colors. Vietnam is definitely on my list of places to visit – will keep my eye out if I make it there.

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