Deer in the woods, morning, Yosemite Valley.

This was my first real attempt at nature photography. My equipment wasn’t ideal: manual focus, ridiculously loud shutter snap from a film camera, 50mm equivalent lens (basically what you see with your eyes) instead of a telephoto. Still, this family of deer let me intrude on their breakfast foraging during my first morning in Yosemite. Of the photos I took on this roadtrip, these were the ones (at least from the color – haven’t seen the b/w stuff yet) that I was most excited to share, because, maybe more-so than the others, they have the look of my mental state at the time of capture – that sort of subjective, non-communicative… something. I hope you get lost in the moment, like I did.

Still, there is communion in nature;

Often removed, rarely a stranger.

All images captured on Fuji 400H 120 color film.

Please note: most images posted from this roadtrip will be available for purchase. You can check out the new contact/purchasing tab (or click the blue lettering) for information.

28 thoughts on “Deer in the woods, morning, Yosemite Valley.

  1. James, these are awesome – I particularly love the first and fourth ones; in the fourth one, that deer facing the camera looks almost close enough to touch. Lovely. ~ Julie 🙂

  2. These are wonderful James! The filtered, dappled light is gorgeous.

    There is a sense of incredible beauty in the shapes of the background trees. My eyes are drawn to these shapes and it makes the deer look so small and tender. So intimate.

    1. That is part of why these photos are kind of magic – the trees look almost like a painted backdrop. If I knew they’d turn out like that, I would have devoted a roll to them. Thanks Karen.

  3. The texture and color of the deer, rocks, ground, trees… all seem so similar, especially in the first picture. It makes an interesting and beautiful photograph and also a statement about all things being connected in nature. Very nice!

  4. There is such a tender sense of quietness about these, no, it’s more a sense of pure ‘stillness’. One can’t help but being drawn in, wanting to become part of that fragile world, wanting to lose yourself, finally. It’s a pure & mystical place you have created here, a place longed for, yearned for also. Yes indeed, lost in the moment…

    Beautiful work, James.

  5. I enjoy the shimmering light in the trees, the blurs and the stillness, the dream-like quality of secretly capturing such beautiful creatures in their natural environment. Beautiful.

    1. oh – and the texture, the texture in the trees draws me further into the warmth of the fur. There is definitely a relationship with the trees and the deer for me.

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