The highest waterfall in North America, Yosemite Falls: The summit.

The birds road the air-currents effortlessly to the summit, and I remember cursing under my breath at a crow that laughed at our labor, with our overloaded packs, our panting jaws, and the clumsy steps unnumbered in our joint desire to conquer. But, that final switchback did eventually come. I immediately grabbed snow and rubbed it on my face and neck, and then I found the highest place I could to start taking some pictures. I was too exhausted to shoot more than a roll, but that roll captured the memory in its black and white emulsion about as well as I could have hoped. Again, these images were shot on Kodak 400TX, and are dusty because of my scanner, and lack of photoshop to edit it out, but maybe the effect is increased nostalgia. It feels like much longer than two months since I was on the road, and the photos carry some of that weight. 739 meters up, and a lifetime ago.

We caught up to the birds.
And we saw why they go so high.

The previous post, which you can see by clicking here, gives more information on Yosemite Falls, and contains color photos of the hike up.

7 thoughts on “The highest waterfall in North America, Yosemite Falls: The summit.

  1. Love the bird photo, crow, or probably a raven? But also all of them. These photos gives so much substance and feelings compared to many over-polished, over-perfect “portraits” of nature.

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