Sutro Baths, San Francisco | Kodak 400TX 120

For a little history, the Sutro Baths were built in the late 19th century as the largest indoor swimming complex in the world. All that are left today are ruins. As usual, no over-view shots, just a few studies doing what I could with the incredibly bright middle-of-the-day light in a short period of time.

Golden Gate Bridge (and a really dirty negative). The baths are about a 6 minute walk behind the camera.


29 thoughts on “Sutro Baths, San Francisco | Kodak 400TX 120

    1. Thank you! The place was crawling with tourists, so it wasn’t easy. Had to just stand there with the camera sometimes waiting for the crowd to clear.

  1. Love your photos, James – the black and white really add to the ambiance, which you captured perfectly! 🙂

      1. I’m hanging in there, James, writing like crazy, lol. I’m hoping for some good days this summer so that I can get out for a drive and snap some inspirational photos for my writing. I’m not great at photography like you are, but I love the process …. 🙂

      2. Glad to hear it! Sounds like a perfect idea. Don’t degrade yourself though, it took a lot of hours, and a lot of time swearing at myself for my mistakes to get to a place where I was even comfortable showing my work to anyone. Besides, I’m sure more people than you think will find resonance in your photos, even if they’re just simple documents of your travels. If you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them. But, just enjoy the process.

  2. Love the one with the prowling heron, the double poles, double smoke stacks (?) and two people walking along… the doubles in the background are subtle and thought provoking at the same time. –Renee

  3. The film texture in all pictures works perfect creating a mood of an old movie, only remembered by few. You have created a sence of oblivion that perfectly matches the story.

    1. It’s funny to me how people see these as old, but because I know they were recent, they don’t really have that for me, aside from maybe the first image. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

  4. very nice shots! the look and feel of these images look very old fashioned.. i got this look using my old yashica TLR (just bought it, done only one roll of fomapan) – my other old film cameras dont really give this look.. may i ask which camera u are using? maybe its a medium format thing! haha

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment! Yeah, medium-format has sort of a magic quality to it. I was shooting with a Bronica ETRSi. I think for the ones that looks oldest, I was was focused to infinity. When you focus to infinity, it makes it so there’s nothing with really crisp detail, so they look almost soft and grainy, and pictorialist.

  5. I find a sense of peace and calm in many of your photographs that I enjoy. I also quite like the dirty negative, but my favourite is the image of the crane or heron, the angle of the wings and the anticipation of flight against the still water and landscape.

  6. Love the light in the second picture, I saw some of that in your bw Yosemite photos as well. Reminds me of something… don’t really know what… have to come back to it later. It’s been a real treat to go through your blog James. So inspiring. Thank you!

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