Shack | 5×7 silver gelatin print

Shack | 5×7 silver gelatin print

Alright, so I’m looking to clear some things out of my inventory.  Once a week or so, I’m going to post a scan of a print that’s for sale from my darkroom days, or maybe some non-photo-related things that are collecting dust.

This particular photo is an edition of 2, one of which is currently hanging up in my bedroom. It’s a 5×7″ silver gelatin print, printed from a 4×5″ negative. The digital rendition dulls it down. It looks sort of like an outhouse, but it’s just this strange, locked shack. It’s in the woods next to a clearing at a local park that no one ever visits. If you’re interested in purchasing, I’m asking $160 + shipping. It will come signed, and mounted on archival rag matboard, size 13×15 (I can cut it down to a standard size if you want to make finding a frame easier). You can find my contact info in the Contact/Purchase/Donate tab (or click the blue lettering).

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