Nightfall | Silver-gelatin prints from Yosemite.

In retrospect, I’ve never felt so cradled by, yet so separate from my surroundings. The high walls of granite directed nightfall, making individuals of grouped trees, of swaying patches of grass, of pools of water, of emotions – illuminating them, until one by one they faded, living then in the backs of my eyelids as my eyes wandered, grasping for dreams amid reality.

If these images look familiar, it’s because they’ve been posted before. I mentioned in a previous post that the images posted were not final images, they were just rough ideas, well these are the finished products of a few of them: 9″x7″ silver-gelatin prints. I unfortunately had a very small supply of paper  (left-overs from when I was in school) on the day I was able to spend in the darkroom a while back , so I did the best I could, understanding I needed to ration supplies in order to try printing from almost a dozen negatives, which is still about half of what I would have liked to do.

All of these prints are for sale. Click on the Contact/Purchase/Donate tab for info on how to contact me should you be interested in investing in a print. I tried to balance the contrast of the print scans to match how they actually look since the scanner decreases contrast, and these are pretty close, but replicating an actual print digitally is not quite accurate

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