Digital Doodles

Alright, this is a little different, but I found a program today that is like a simplified cloud version of photoshop; that is, it runs through your internet browser. The program is called Pixlr (click here if you want to check it out).

The best part: It’s free. The second best part: It’s a pretty decent photo editor, and so long as you have an internet connection, and chrome as your browser, you can use it from anywhere. Some of the tools available are things I thought only existed in expensive photos programs (dodge/burn, curves/levels, unsharp mask, patch, text, etc.) The third best part: I started doodling on it instead of using it to edit photos like you’re supposed to, and it’s pretty fun to work with. In reality, I will probably be spending more time doing things like this than editing photos.

Catman, and bird.
Pretty woman and a clown.
Shackled. (A commentary on my current student loan situation)

10 thoughts on “Digital Doodles

  1. Wow! These are not doodles! They are amazing. I love them all, but I absolutely love the second one.

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