Been quite a while since I’ve worked with anyone in my photos, but I’m glad Heather, a friend of a friend, expressed interest in working with me a few weeks ago. I had been wanting to try something a little less ordinary/a little more modern, so she and I e-mailed back and forth about what sort of mood we wanted to create. We decided to go for something like a daydream: ethereal, and a little nostalgic. Couldn’t be happier with what we got with two rolls of film. Some other images from the shoot have shown up in two other posts because I branched off a little bit towards the end of the shoot, but I guess what’s contained in this post would be considered the pinnacle of what we accomplished.

24 thoughts on “Daydream

    1. Awsome. Thanks for letting me know. It’s one thing to intend for your work to be viewed in a particular way, and another for it to actually work.

  1. James! These shots are wonderful! Great pairing and treatment. (And with film no less!) I particularly like the third shot with Heather looking at the camera. What a wonderful feeling to set out with a project and see it to completion… and then have it turn out so wonderfully. Great work — be affirmed!

    (Incidentally, just this morning I downloaded an app called duomatic — it makes the double exposure come to life. Looking forward to playing around with it.)

    1. Thanks for the affirmation, Carrie. Is that a phone app, or for your computer? I actually used openoffice (a free text program that’s supposed to imitate microsoft word) to merge the images since I don’t have a photo program that does it.

  2. I am most intrigued by the presence of the antlers…they feel almost rope like and appear to entwine the daydreamer in the daydream. The antler gives this ethereal image (the fleshy woman, her limbs disappearing, overlapping) a more…I don’t know…it makes me think of bones, bones in the midst of spirit, for me these images convey a kind of entanglement or wrestle…I like them.

    1. Interesting. There’s definitely supposed to be a kind of struggle, that sort of half awake/half asleep feel of daydreaming. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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