Backpacking in Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Oregon.

Two of my friends and I went for a ~20 mile backpacking trip through an old-growth forest here in Oregon. It was grueling at times, but there were other times, hoofing it through the sun-dappled woods, that I remembered how infatuated I still am with Oregon.

After about 5 hours of hiking up-hill on the first day, we reached our highest point.
I was too tired to worry about taking photos of our first night’s camp, but here’s a detail of the little lake we camped next to from the next morning.
One of my friends purifying water at the lake, wearing a mosquito mask.

95% of the hike, this is what “up” looked like.
Dropping heavy packs to rest after a descent.

Purifying water again.
Setting up camp #2, which was an incredible spot. The rest of the photos are from the small area surrounding the camp.

All of these are from Kodak 160NC color film, but I converted some to black-and-white for the sake of this post. I also shot half a roll of Ilford BW that hasn’t been developed yet – I’ll post that when I take it to the lab.

18 thoughts on “Backpacking in Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Oregon.

    1. At the beginning of the hike, my friend Jon and I, at the same time, walked into this area and said “ahhhhhhh… dappled sunlight.” It’s one of the best things about being in the woods. Thanks for the comment.

    1. There are different ways to purify water, the way we used is probably the quickest – it was a hand pump that pushed the water through a ceramic filter, and then into a canteen.

      1. oh, it sounds very easy then, as long as you have the equipment.
        but why dont you just bring clean water with you? then you dont even need to purifying water.

      2. Water is very heavy, and you go through a lot of water on a 3-day trip. It makes more sense to purify as you go than to carry a bunch of extra water on your pack.

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