Freewrite VI

Tectonics. Eyes and fault lines: motion rafted by the current between waking and sleeping. A desperate rendering of lust, and ambitions, and other things, things called out in the night to be released from, things one couldn’t put their name to –  only sweat, and the squeak of molar against molar, and a headache in the morning, and a heart and stomach married together. Once you thought you’d never…. I laid down my head wanting…. but it was pre-dawn, and not so brave.

Above the gasping sod, having dripped the last of its mirrors, and having unshadowed each blade, dandelions turn up their heads for the sun. Curtains on the floor. No dust from the bed. Twice the night rolled in before suspending itself in a red sky to dry.

8 thoughts on “Freewrite VI

    1. Thank you. Not too impossible to follow I hope? That line between leaving the door open to interpretation, and being incomprehensible is a pretty fine one.

  1. You’re very welcome, James…and while it’s not impossible to follow, it is ambiguous enough that we’re left wondering exactly what you’re writing about…but that vagueness is an invitation for us to make it mean what we will…an open door, yes, and shrouded with possibilities. The person who shares your sock-drawer or mail-box might know precisely what it means, but the rest of us are properly left to our imaginations. I love it….

  2. I think this text is beautiful. I am thrilled by several images. 1, the image of “motion rafted by the current between waking and sleeping”. To me, this image sets the “scene” so to speak, for what feel like a never ending night of agonizing things, unexpected things, surprising things. The image of the sod, the dew and the blades of grass and the dandelions is also very captivating. Though the night is over, one enters the day with a red sky which isn’t exactly any more comforting. This ending brings me back to the start: tectonics. The internal shifting we experience in the night, and carry into our waking.

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