9 thoughts on “Crabbing, Oregon Coast

  1. (I tried to leave this note yesterday, so sorry if it’s a duplicate!)

    I really like these… I was even surprised by my reaction a little bit. I particularly like the 3rd water shot (portrait orientation) b/c it has a lovely ombre effect. And I really like how these shots work as a whole — a narrative. I know you mentioned earlier how you may go back to shooting black and white but the color/texture of these is wonderful. Everything *feels* like it has texture — salty and cold. (Maybe it helps since I’ve been shrimping before?)

    Well, I hope you enjoyed your spoils. (You know I have a delicious crab recipe that I would probably make on a weekend…)

    1. Nope, no duplicate! Now that you mention it, I may have been hasty in saying I was going cold-turkey on color, but I do think I will be moving away from it a little more for creative work. And I appreciate your feedback. With the frozen crab I ended up making some decent (for my first attempt) crab cakes, but I don’t doubt you have some delicious crab recipe that will ruin my day when you post pictures of it.

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