Last February my best friend Jon and I went on a roadtrip out of Oregon and through California. He just finished putting together this video of the trip through the eyes of the both of us, though the majority is from his POV. Shows lots of things from the first morning waking up on the shore of a freshwater lagoon, to the top of Yosemite Falls, and lots of the great times we had during the whole two weeks. Check it out if you’d like. Good music, too.

Bottlecaps & Broken Bits

I finally got around to putting together some of the footage from James and I’s road trip from Oregon to California, making me a little homesick for the West Coast… Hope you enjoy.

OR-CA from J. William Young on Vimeo.

A simple collection of shots we took on our two week road trip from Oregon to California and back again.

Major Stops:
-Freshwater Lagoon
-Sutro Baths
-LA Area
-SD Area
-Salton Sea
-Joshua Tree National Park
-Yosemite National Park

Music: "Black Water" by Timbre Timbre
Filmed by: Jon and James
Edited by: Jon

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    1. It was actually late winter – there’s no footage of it in the video, but it snowed our last day in Yosemite. Hope that doesn’t ruin it for you. We had really nice weather almost the whole trip, don’t think it rained on us once.

      1. Well… the water seemed to be hitting the rocks and then splashing off the rocks. Most of the time, I see a waterfall and the emphasis is on the fall of the water and the rock behind it takes a more passive background role, but these rocks and the water seemed equally active. It was a very playful waterfall.

      2. Yosemite Falls is pretty spectacular like that. It’s actually the highest waterfall in North America. It was still cold enough that when it had a collision point with the rocks or fell far enough it turned to snow.

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