01 21 13 Joryville 301 21 13 Joryville 2

A place to stay. A clever place tucked into blackberry patches that are thorned and fruitless. Drag yourself in on your stomach. Whether you’re lame or limber, we’re on the same level: creatures trying to find warmth outside themselves.  “Not long,” we’ll say, as we find our own beds.

2 thoughts on “Den

  1. I have to catch up here, James. You’ve taken so many. Once again I am struck by the quietness of your photographs, but both quiet and (I don’t know how to say it…) ….well, I guess some quiet things leave me on the outside looking in, looking into a setting from a distance, one that is quiet that wished to remain distant and undisturbed, but your quiet photographs here invite…there is just enough contrast in interesting places and stark whites. Do you see what I mean? Anyway, off I go to view some more.

    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for reminding me about the important subtleties of photography, and that people actually pick up on things that were there but that I thought would stay behind the lens.

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