15 thoughts on “Joryville Park

  1. I love the last image, James. A photographer’s self-portrait. Do you feel that your experiences of the environments you photograph are different in the final image from how you remember them, or do you feel that the camera brings out something ineffable that you have taken from the experiences and cannot express any other way?

    1. Thanks Tyran. That’s a good question. I think the answer is yes to both, but even though the subjects are different than I remember them being, they’re are usually not too different from what what I imagined they’d turn out like, which is becoming more common the more I photograph, and probably my favorite images are the ones that do have the extra mystery to them that I didn’t anticipate to see come through but seem to bridge some gaps that I don’t think I could fill if I meant to. Hope you enjoy that run-on sentence.

  2. Many memories there in that special place… glad you were able to absorb some of the good “vibes” there… truly special on many levels. I have ridden the hills and trails there since I was 8 (a long time ago 🙂 and some of the most powerful moments were when I was up on top, riding some horse, and the wind picks up… the trees come alive and it feels like a whole different world, much like when it is still and calm,… very magical and mysterious… a very beautiful bunch of pictures JB! Thanks for sharing with the world 😉

    1. I love your Joryville stories – it seems like you have a lot of memories there. I’ve also been up there in the wind and I know exactly what you’re talking about. Thanks for the support as always.

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