I hear the door to the porch open and creak, the insects vibrating the heat from their bodies, and a final click. I hear you making your way to the kitchen and I can’t shake your strength as you do. Each day you wake and hear me born and put your feet into the carpet next to your bed as though you balanced the span of Atlas. 

On the other end of the camera

My last post was a couple tintypes of my friend, Mikael, who assisted me while shooting this weekend. He offered to take a portrait of me, so I accepted. I prepped the camera and did the chemical stuff, and then he did the final focusing, loaded the plate holder into the camera and held the shutter open for 60 seconds. It was fun being on the other side of the camera without the added struggles of taking a selfportrait. 


I took my tintype setup to Portland this weekend. My friend Mikael assisted me and let me take a couple plates of him. 45 and 60 second exposure at f/6.8. Still learning.